Friday, February 08, 2008

ACOG versus The Big Push: YOU DECIDE

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynocologists (ACOG) released a statement on their stance [against] homebirth:

ACOG Statement on Home Births


The Big Push for Midwives 2008 released their own statement the following day:

ACOG: Out of Touch with Needs of Childbearing Families: Trade Union claims out-of-hospital birth is “trendy;” tries to play the “bad mother” card

The trendy factor:
I believe that the growing movement for midwifery and homebirthing is not trendy, in the way that "all the cool kids are doing it", but more of a wildfire moving at hurricane force. People are starting to understand that they DO have an option of where and how to give birth [naturally, with little-to-no interventions]; and an amazing one at that. After all, our mothers were strapped to tables while they gave birth, often separated from their husbands. Our grandmothers were anesthetized, always separated from their husbands, and forced to lay in bed for weeks afterwards.

Yes, my friends - the time for CHANGE has come.


ruralaspirations said...

Just reading through your blog here. Did you know about the movie "The Business of Being Born"? Google it. It's screening in my area next week and I'm excited to see it.

I'm also so sad for all those places that still think midwifery is some kind of dark-ages witchcraft. Here in my home province in Canada midwives are covered by our medical plan.

a. borealis said...

Yes!! If everything goes as planned, I will be seeing The Business of Being Born this week - it is out on Netflix in the States and an acquaintance of mine is showing it at her house on Wednesday night. I can't wait! I've heard really good things about it.