Friday, April 25, 2008

A First

I met a blogger today in real life.

Hi Jenni!!!

It was good; interesting; strange in the fact that it felt like we had already met. I was also glad to glean from the wisdom of an experienced mama. I asked a billion-and-one questions, weighing what she said carefully.

To quote myself, I said it so amazingly clear today: "It is like, all of a sudden, I don't know how to be a mama." I have come to a point where it feels like I don't know what I'm doing anymore. I mean, seriously? The life and behavioral well-being of this sometimes-disobedient demon toddler is in my hands?? Oh dear, he's not a demon. But he is most certainly sometimes-naughty. And brilliantly manipulative.

[And endlessly adorable, smart, funny, and sweet.]

I'm assuming these feelings are pretty normal, once one's own child hits 2-3 years old. [Mimi, can you relate??] I really appreciated watching a mom of older wee ones in action, to feel encouraged, brainstorm, and begin to germinate the seed of strategy. And to remember that bean and cheese quesadillas make a great lunch for a group of hungry kids. [I've got to write that down.]

Thanks Jenni!! I enjoyed our visit.


Jenni said...

We really enjoyed your coming. And please, you are too kind! I was where you are just two years ago, so not that much more experienced! But I can totally relate to those feelings of, "why on earth did God entrust him, to ME?!" I've laid awake many nights praying that I will not ruin this sweet, innocent child, and have prayed daily for God's mercy and grace to mother them the way He wants me to, in spite of all my weaknesses.

Oh, and by the way, I usually put some herbs on my casadillas to add a little more flavor, like Itallian, basil, or oregano :) Glad you liked them!

ms said...

what WOULD we do without each other? we need community! our children need community! it is a near impossible thought to consider raising our children without the help and support of others! thank you for sharing the honest guts of the whirlwind of toddler hood. definitely know just how you feel!!