Monday, September 28, 2009

Snapshots from the Harvest

  • Vats of applesauce
  • Scads of potatoes (115 lbs) - the fingerling, La Ratte!
  • Tomatoes up the wazoo - sauce, salsa, soup
  • Green tomatoes under paper in the root cellar
  • Shelling the dried beans from the dried-up pods
  • Sore wrists and fingers, work-worn
  • Shorter days and a frenzied pace to get everything done before cold weather
  • 9:00 pm evening meals
  • 5 quarts of salsa fermenting on the counter
  • Tru-babes potty-training all the while (it is going so well)
  • Sweet Diego helping, and being of actual assistance, on the potato dig - so sincere and happy in his efforts (with the added joy of finding worms)
  • A slowly-filling root cellar, the scales balanced with a steadily-emptying garden
  • The feeling of true anticipation for winter -- snowed in with nothing to do
  • Looking at the root cellar and feeling a sense of accomplishment and pride
  • Happy, the end (not really)
  • 1 more month to go!

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