Wednesday, November 25, 2009

My brother, Bison Brent

My brother was here today, bringing furniture and boxes of books for storage, getting ready to move to Avon, CO this weekend -- four-turned-fourteen hours away from us.

He has lived in the Twin Cities for three years now, in school, studying theology; but now is done and moving on. His plans are to read himself into stupor (whatever he wants!) and work at a steakhouse called The Dusty Boot to pay off his student loans ASAP. From there . . . who knows.

I am really going to miss seeing him regularly; but it will be interesting to see what kinds of things he does next.

Snuggling with Uncle Brent

First snow of the season

Ahhhyes, very amused with ourselves


Ashley said...

What!?!??! When did he decide to move??? I never heard anything about it.

Sally S. said...

Luke lived in Avon for a couple of years. Why did your brother decide to move there, surely not just for the Dusty Boot?

a. borealis said...

Yes, I do remember that Luke lived in Avon for awhile. I thought it sounded familiar, but couldn't remember why . . .

As for my brother, he wanted to live somewhere different, near the mountains (snowboarding!), and a place where he could work as a server in a restaurant and make big $$. He had connections with The Dusty Boot, so Beaver Creek, CO it was.

Sally! So good to hear from you.