Monday, August 29, 2011

Photos from my parents' visit

So . . . . one month later --

 My parents came for a week at the end of July --
It was a nice time with many games of
Go Fish, Old Maid, Candy Land
and general lazing about.
Jamie snoozed with Grandma that first night.
She has a "mother's touch" for sure --
No sleepy baby could stand a chance against her.

 In the middle of the week we went to a beach,
for some swimming and sandy sitting.
The boys L-O-V-E-D it, as you can imagine.
Even Jamie got nakey and splashed in the water.

 This is Truen pretending to be a hammerhead shark
It was sooo adorable, even more so with how small he is
Diego is above --
He hovered around these kids, staring and splashing,
Until they they all started playing together.

 I love this scene --
Diego's birthday, at the park
All the colors and activity just makes me smile.
He spent his 6th birthday with both grandmas and grandpas.

 Double-double baby bubbo --
With Grandma & Grandpa's shiny rental car.

 Diego was writing letters in the sand at the park

Diego's birthday was a (fun) doozy. 
We went to a playground, then out for lunch,
then to another park to for presents and lemon bars,
then swimming at different park because we knew they'd love it,
then out for dinner again because we were all so hungry.
This was Truen after swimming --
He just couldn't last a second longer.  Totally asleep.

Our last day with Grandma & Grandpa --
I made the voyage back to the Twin Cities
to spend a couple more days with them before they had to leave.
We went to a child's indoor dream-park,
Edinburough Park in Edina, which, of course, they also loved.
I like the pell-mell feel of this picture.

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