Wednesday, March 21, 2012

<< Memory Transport >>

We're still at my parents' house, savoring every moment . . .

At home I usually use either Dr. Bronner's Sal Suds or OxyClean to remove stains from clothing.  Sal Suds is particularly effective on grease stains and will remove the problem even after going through the dryer, while OxyClean removes almost any grime with a long, hot soak.  I'm sure you all have hammered out your own methods.

So the other day when I needed to attack some greasy-grimy clothing, I pulled out my mom's weapon of choice: Spray n' Wash, and was instantly transported to the free-wheelin' feelin' of the exhilaration and excitement of being home for Christmas break during college. 

I thought about it more and realized that my parents still had a houseful of kids at that time and two grimy teenage boys who were full-bore in their glory years of wrestling and puberty.  The washer/dryer set-up at my parents' house back then was in the back entry, entirely open to the rest of the floor and the downstairs had a permeating scent of Spray n' Wash.  And no wonder.

Amazing how a scent can conjure such memory and emotion. Freedom. Enthusiasm. Discovery. Missing my main squeeze, but enjoying the drama of it all. Spending time with immediate and extended family. Seeing old friends. Thoughtful daybook entries. Watching my sibs play Legend of Zelda on the Nintendo64. Slow days. Inspiration. Cloudy skies. Endless free-time. Showering whenever I wanted to. Sleeping in. Freedom.

Ahhhhhh, it was grand.


Eric said...

yep. I get it.

Eric said...

That was Emily. But I'm sure Eric gets it too. :)