Saturday, December 20, 2014

First time skiing this season

The boys are super-pumped to ski this year --
We've only had one prime weekend thus far this season
(back at the end of November), but they skied both days. 

 Getting Jamie's skis on is a two-man operation.
Holy smokes.

 Diego and Truen were already outside for awhile before
we were able to wrestle Jamie's skis on.
(See our native grass & flowers along the driveway?
Beautiful summer & winter, awesome snow-block.)

 Blaine said that all the boys have improved from last year.
Jamie is strong and amazingly coordinated
with little patience for messing up, though more he had than last year.
I watched him successfully turn around with his skis on, stepping carefully.

 Diego flails all over the place --
super-enthusiastic and loving it,
but not much interested in besting it.
(I have no doubt this would have been me too.)

Truen is slower and more interested in working at it.
He also loves squatting down and sliding along close to the ground.
(The red "belt" came about after we pulled the coat out and realized the zipper was missing.)

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Eric said...

OH my Gosh Shawna Eliah is adorable. You captured some great shots! I also love the cross country skiing! I am waiting for snow here. We wanted to use snow shoes. :)