Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Quick peek

Our Little Guys: Eliah and Jamie 
They were watching the heating guy check out the furnace.
I love their sweet faces and Jamie peeking out from behind Mama's apron.
The furnace had stopped working from the chicken bones
Diego had inserted into the venting system "two years ago".
Good grief.  Thankfully, everything panned out just fine.

Truen turned eight the week before last.
He had a whole day of special meals, snacks, and desserts planned out --
He was very excited about his special day.
His favorite present from Da? Snap Circuits. Obsessed.

And finally, Diego's recently-invented pose for pictures --
This is what most snaps look like these days.
 In this case, he was dressed up to play "the old man" 
in a musical production of an old Chinese folktale
with our homeschool co-op: Tikki Tikki Tembo

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Lovely Rita said...

Great photos. Your boys are so sweet. And Diego and Truen - so grown up!