Friday, June 03, 2016

Rambling pictoral update

 Truen snuggling with this year's goslings.
Sadly, they all vanished one sunny Saturday morning.
We are almost positive it was coyotes.

 Our pigeon, Mr. Squealy.
Diego caught a fledgling pigeon this spring.
This was pre-haircut for Jamie and before Squealy learned how to fly.
He still likes to land on our heads.
Seriously. Pigeons: The best.

 The North Garden. (Three of 'em now.)
It is nestled in our front four acres, currently planted in oats.
Blaine was prepping the onion bed.
We planted, and I'm not kidding, 1,800 onions. 
It was insane. Twenty-four rows, approx. 75 onions in each row.
Garlic is on the right, melons and squash will be to the left of the onion bed.
Qualifications for North Garden admittance: deer will not eat it.

 Our patchwork quilt of a house this spring.
We had to re-roof it last summer due to a leaky roof. (Eegads.)
 We chose tin instead of shingles for a long-lasting investment.
We are very pleased with the end result: cozy, attractive, more cohesive.
(This picture is from the beginning of May.)

Have I talked about the native planting along our driveway?
The old stems and seed heads are so lovely when it rains --
they turn red and have a sweet, floral grassy fragrance.
A prairie planting was perfect for this gravelly weed-infested patch of ground.
It is thriving where lawn grass could not. (And we don't have to mow it!)
In the summer, it is loaded with flowers and the birds and bugs love it. 
Beautiful year-round. And an extremely functional snowfence.

One of our three Prairie Fire crabapples.
The wind affects everything on the rolling prairies --
See how it is growing bending toward the north? 
The south wind blows hard.

Diego is in braces now . . .
Or more specifically, "utility arches".
Phase two of widening his palate.

All our boys will need a palate expander.
Jamie has the most severe crossbite of the four.
See how his top teeth are inside his bottom teeth...? Not good.
And isn't he just the sweetest?  I am really enjoying his little 5yo self.
I gave him his summer buzz a few weeks ago.

 But this fella?  We just can't cut the curls.
I've been putting it in a top-pony in recent weeks.
In this pic he wanted to "climb the tree" by our chicken coop,
but was very concerned once he got up there.

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