Friday, September 29, 2006

A calico post

I found a most excellent blog this evening: Pinch My Salt. That mother went straight to my Favorites. My goodness!

Speaking of blogging, email, internet communities, and the like: I've found that the more I type, the less satisfied I am with my penmanship. I used to feel a great sense of pride over my handwriting; but now when I look in my daybook, it just looks like chicken scratch. I am too fond of the nice, round, evenly-sized font (particularly Garamond) - it has destroyed my handwriting. Or, at least, my affection for it. "Maybe that is good," say the humble ones, "you pompous hen!"

I turn 29 next week - does that mean my teeth are going to wear down faster and my skin look even rougher under flouroscent lighting? Just kidding, but man: where does time go? "Tut-tut," say the older ones, "29 is nearly a baby."

And finally (this dwarf blue spruce is a favorite of mine), look at all the lovely textures and colors in our backyard. Squeeze took this picture the other day. I think it is be-a-utiful!


Nicole said...

Thanks so much for mentioning my site! Glad you like it and hope you come back ;-)

purple_kangaroo said...

I've noticed my hands cramp when I write with a pen or pencil now for any length of time . . . I'm just not used to it any more. Sad.