Monday, September 04, 2006

Autumnal Delights

Autumn is my favorite season. Although it is only September 4th and I might be jumping the gun a bit, a list has been stewing in my head the last few days. I must enumerate my reasons for loving it. I must.

  • Cool nights
  • Sun-warmed afternoons
  • The scent of withering leaves
  • Fungi!
  • Beautiful berries - yew, snowberry, crab-apple, bittersweet
  • Brats at the Minneapolis Farmer's Market - loaded with sauerkraut and mustard
  • Campfires!
  • Wearing long sleeves & pants, but not being forced into mittens, scarves, and a big coat (yet)
  • The Annual Borealis Fall Extravaganza - Squeeze's family gathers every fall in the Wisconsin woods. Roasting weenies, popping acorns in the fire pit, walks through the brightly yellowed Sugar Maples.
  • School - I used to look forward to this all summer long
  • Cozy, dark nights indoors
  • Pumpkin-Apple Bread!! (Nummy)
  • Canning cranberries

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