Wednesday, July 29, 2009

This one's for the boys

KT, tell Luuuuuuke; and Amy, tell RC.  Shooooot, Dist - if you're looking at this, tell T. Spence, too.  (I don't think Runyan ever cared, but maybe he did.) 

I trimmed the old pits (with scissors) upon their suggestion, and I must say - I like the new look. 

Think bunny tails vs. Wookie.


Lil'Mama said...

Cracking up! Glad you like the new look :) What does Squeeze think?

a. borealis said...

I'll find out soon enough...he's en route from Mpls right now. Can't wait. :)

Eric said...

I actually liked the growth. Sort of like crooked teeth...a part of ones character. :)