Tuesday, December 19, 2006


I'm in no mood for Christmas this year, with all its festivities.

Perhaps it is because:
  1. Christmas is over-marketed
  2. My family has been stuck down by the rotavirus for over a week
  3. My toddler is teething all 4 molars at once
  4. I thought I was going to be able to quit my job, but now I can't
  5. My wonky upper left wisdom tooth is crowding my teeth and creating massive havoc
  6. There is absolutely no snow outside - everything is varying shades of brown and gray
  7. Our neighbors' dogs bark freely and frequently right outside our very thin side windows

Seriously - it has been nothing but despair and the dumps in my neck of the woods. Squeeze has lost 15 pounds since last week; he pooped nothing but water (10-15 times a day) for 5 days. The rotavirus also steals anything remotely related to an appetite. Starbeans is ultra-clingy and extremely touchy because of his smarting and swollen red gums, and I've reached wraith-status by losing another 5 pounds, down to 130; again, thanks to the rotavirus. I'm 5'9.

One lesson learned: Now that we have an active toddler, I need to be extra-diligent and anal about washing that tyke's hands when we are out in public; particularly if we are going to be at a children's event, like we were on Sunday the 10th (bloody rotavirus).

On a happier note, I am scheduled to have my nasty wisdom tooth extracted on January 2nd. I am literally counting down the days!

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purple_kangaroo said...

So sorry you've all been sick and having tooth problems!