Monday, June 29, 2009

Pa rulz

I started reading Little House in the Big Woods to Diego last week. He is mesmorized while I am reading it, eagerly waiting (of course) for the pages with illustrations on them. [I try to hold those pages open while I'm reading non-picture passages.]

The "Little House" books were one of my favorite series as a child, as I am sure they are special for many. I re-re-re-read through them the summer before I went to college, knowing it might be awhile before I could re-re-re-re-read them again. And I re-re-re-re-re-read them after I was married, too. My perspective changes with each re-reading. I am noticing that this time around, too (fancy that).

Diego is enjoying Little House in the Big Woods, just as I hoped he would. We are already re-reading favorite passages, like the story of Laura's Grandpa being chased by the black panther through the Big Woods.

The first evening while snuggling in bed, I asked him, "What do you remember about LHitBW?" and I think he's got a bit of Pa Obsession going on.

Here's what he remembered:
  1. When Pa butchered the pig; Laura and Mary played with the blown-up pig's bladder like a balloon.
  2. When Pa shot the bear holding the pig.
  3. When Pa hung the two deers he shot high in the tree, so the wolves wouldn't get them.
  4. Pa, building the hickory-smoker in the hollowed out tree. It had a roof!
  5. Pa, playing "Mad Dog" with Laura and Mary and scaring them half-to-death.


Ashley said...

That is definitely my favorite series!!! I have been diligently hunting through thrift stores to find a complete set that is still in good condition. I am so glad Diego is enjoying it.

Sandy said...

Funny ... we are planning to read this as well this summer. This is the book (series) that we will read aloud together, the boys and I. Benjamin at 10 is old enough to consume books and love it -- but it's great to have the experience together.

Eric said...

Our love for Anne of Green Gables and Little House unites us. :) I remember when Pa's friend (blanking on the name) came for Christmas walking through the river etc. to get them oranges and other little treats. Or when the wolves chased Pa too and he was riding the horse? Or the Indians? I should re-read those books!