Wednesday, June 09, 2010

I might as well tell the world

It has been so quiet around here, without the rooster. It's amazing - it sounds like a deserted island outside vs. chickenville. Soft breezes are blowing into the silence.

So, with a jarring change of subject, remember last summer? When I un-announced a pregnancy? Oh dear, yes. That was humiliating.

Well, as it turns out, my hormones were completely out of whack. All kinds of weird things were going on with my body: horrible vaginal infections that occurred in conjunction with my cycle (between days 6-8 and again on day 20), urinary tract infections, night sweats, funny smells, erratic cycles (anywhere from 18 days to 79 days), etc. It was horrible.

Long story short, I went to a chiropractor this winter who specializes in muscle testing. From his testing, he deduced that I had a staph infection, one that I had had for an extremely long time, and it was finally wreaking havoc on my lady gear (and my face). I took the supplements he gave me for 3 months, and, again, long story short, it worked.

Everything I've been dealing with (except my face) cleared. After a year of turmoil, my hormones settled and went back to normal. It is so nice to feel normal again.

And now I'm pregnant. Due in early January.

Ha-HA. Surprise!


lil' mama said...


Honeybehr said...

Hope you actually took a test this time? Ha!! Really, though, congrats!!

a. borealis said...

Oh dear (blushing), yes - we were very intent on a pregnancy test this time around for obvious reasons. Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.

Ashley said...

We are so very excited. I may have to get my knitting on for the baby!!

Kate said...


Jennifer said...

Congratulations!!! So excited for you all!

Emily said...

so so excited! and can't wait to hear the name!