Monday, June 21, 2010

Truen's first hair-cut

The hair-cut was over a month ago, but my parents, let alone any of you, have yet to see it. This pregnancy has put me in a major communication funk. I'm so hungry and tired I hardly have the umph for stuff like that -- it just seems too hard.

Let alone not having much down-time now that Diego isn't napping. I've thought about implementing Quiet Time, but that is really the only time I have to be alone with him. We usually end up snuggling or reading or looking for butterflies together.

And staying up late...? Forget about it.

But anyway, back to the hair-cut. Sometime in mid-May, I had had enough. Truen was hot and sweaty and his bangs were in his eyes. It needed to be taken care of and RIGHT THEN. So I pulled myself together and did it.

I was hardly even sad while cutting it - it was so long over-due. And I've really been enjoying seeing all of his sweet face this past month. He looks like such a big boy!

The "before" shot
The pickle was to keep him chill --
It worked for the most part, kind of.

Just last week, actually --
On his favorite, the "Big Scawry Sthlide".

And really, it is just half a hair-cut. I was able to complete "most of it" the first time 'round before total meltdown. And I just haven't re-visited it. Too tired.

Thursday is 12 weeks.


Alan said...
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Honeybehr said...

I love the new do!! It looks so good on him- he looks like such a big boy!

Emily said...

OH my gosh--he is so cute. It looks like in the above picture he lost some of his curl. Is that true? Boy what a handsome kid--long hair or short. :) So sorry you are tired. I remember clearly those days.

ms said...

he is so darling!! wow! how grown up he looks!