Sunday, October 25, 2009

Root Cellar 2009

From top to bottom:
Squeeze's homemade wine, tomatoes under paper
grape jam, tomato sauce, salsa, fermented veg
(salsa, cukes, sauerkraut, pickled beets)
apples, apple sauce

Another view
Top shelf:
tomato soup, tomato sauce, misc.,
another wine rack

A view from the back:
carrots, cabbages
Wenk's Yellow Hots (hanging)

And a bonus shot:
Our basement wood burner,
which is hooked to the forced-air heating system
Notice the straw-filled nest in the window
(Squeeze loves his kitties)
* * *
The basement has a chute to toss the wood down
vs. hauling it in and down the stairs
The square piece of wood is packing wood (oak!) --
a business Squeeze goes to discards it almost every week

MAY 2016 EDIT:
This post gets a lot of hits. (Hooray for root cellars!) (They are the greatest.) Click on the years below to see more recent pictures of our root cellar.  It has gained in stature quite a bit in the last seven years.  Though I see I haven't posted pictures since 2013.  Goodness.  That was the year that I really caught my stride.


My food preservation notes. (Though now I would put almost everything in the freezer section over to the dehydrator.) (I love-love-love my dehydrator.)

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ms said...

beautiful!!! we loved the video, but these photos show things more clearly! it is so nice to be able to see the fruits of your labor!!