Wednesday, December 16, 2009


  • It's official: my favorite vegetable is cabbage. So versatile, so delicious. I could eat it every day, in every way. (I probably do.)
  • The days here have been in the negative digits and wonderfully sunny. I had forgotten what a lovely place our sunroom is in the winter months. I keep the heat at 60 F during the day, but bask in the mid-70's in mid-afternoon in sunroom. De-lightful.
  • I made egg nog for a mama-and-kiddie Christmas party we had at our house yesterday afternoon. For the record, I like more eggs than milk; the thicker the drink, the better. Yo, it is so tasty. And I'm still trying to avoid dairy . . . oh dear.
  • I ironed a tablecloth for the said Christmas party yesterday. We were recipients of Squeeze's grandma's old wooden ironing board this past year. Before that, we were sufficing (or not, because we NEVER iron) with a rinky-dink tabletop version that a roommate in college left behind one year. So, honestly, with this big, beautiful old-fashioned wooden ironing board, with an old-fashioned fabric-cord iron, I ironed the tablecloth in bliss, realizing that I may, in fact, really enjoy ironing. There was just something about the heat, the hiss of the steam, and watching the wrinkles disappear. I really enjoyed it. Seriously.


ms said...

yay for christmas parties!! and eggnog!! did you link to your recipe, cause i couldn't get it. we've been making it too and LOVING it!!

Ashley said...

Cabbage... it's alright. In small amounts. I enjoy it mixed with my green salad... but as it's own vegetable serving, not so much.

a. borealis said...

Mimi, I'll post the recipe, def. Thanks for reminding me.

Ash, you don't like cabbage in all of it's many forms?? Just for that, I'm going to post my favorite cabbage recipe. And you HAVE TO try it. :)

Eric said...

Any idea who left the "rinky dink table top ironing board"?


a. borealis said...

You know, I never knew. It was my junior year, when I was in Chalberg, so it had to be Nelly-Anne-Franko-Wendy-Emily-or-Mary. And the last three . . . I don't even remember their last names. I think it was probably one of them.

His little bunz!