Sunday, May 02, 2010

First salad of the season

We ate our first garden salad of the season this evening - unusually early in Minnesota without cold frames or a greenhouse. But hey, we'll take it! Complete with different varieties of lettuce and spicy little radishes. Deluxe.

Incidentally, we also finished off our last squash from last season: butternut. What a keeper! The rest of our squashes - sunshine, buttercup, other butternuts - are long-gone. And some of the sunshines and buttercups were slightly moldy by the time we got to them mid-winter.

Butternuts are evidently superior keepers. Note to self.

1 comment:

ms said...

brilliant! sans cold frames (maybe next year) we are nibbling on little lettuce leaves, but not nearly enough for a salad. we did, however, have parsley, kale, oregano, sage and thyme make it thru the winter and have been using those herbs.

i cannot believe your squash made it this long!!! ahh, blissful root cellar!