Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I can't believe it

I just frittered away an hour doing two things:

1) Paging through the "old school" pictures of an elementary school classmate on Facebook. Not even a friend, folks - we just rode the same bus and lived in the same neighborhood. AND, I'm not even friends with her on Facebook. I accidentally bumped into her name through another persons's page. The pictures were junior high/high school, well after I had moved to an entirely different school district and town. I recognized a lot of people, though. Weird.

2) Spitting all over my computer screen chortling over this site: Awkward Family Photos. Go down to the bottom and hit "Older Posts" - that's where the good stuff is. This is the page that created the most spittle to clean up, though the cat skeleton is the weirdest. Wow.


Anne said...

Love it! My husband thinks this is a great website as well. Always good for a laugh. :)

Honeybehr said...

I love that website as well! And check out and Endless hours, frittered away!

ms said...

and i was reading your blog, until i read this post. it's been about 30 minutes and i am dying laughing. feels so good. seriously, the cat skeleton is a good one to say good night to! thanks for the entertaining post. and it is nice to know i am not alone in spending WAAAAAAY too much time on random blogs/websites.