Thursday, April 22, 2010

Gadding about

After almost a week of gallivanting and visiting with family and friends, Diego said it best last night as he ran inside to go potty.

"I am glad to be at my house," he said, so happily. Part of the pleasure in that statement for me is that he spent a good chunk of time in woe before we left, sad to say goodbye to his "beautiful cousins".

But yes, it feels very good to be home --
Though visiting is so fun. Love it.

At Lyndi's house in St. Paul with Uncle Brent --
Schlepping across the sidewalk in his new roller skates,
Thrifted. He was so excited about them!

With Great-Grands O.,
and a Great-Aunt and Uncle,
and a Great-Great Aunt
who couldn't wait to get home to feed the cats.

Brent snuggling with Gram O.

Sidewalk chalk with some of the cousins.
Truen had me write,
"Grandpa, Grandma, I love you."

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