Tuesday, September 14, 2010

and I laughed

(This happened last month)

We were passing by a McDonalds with an enormous blow-up Ronald McDonald, sitting and waving, perched atop the building, on our way to meet my parents and grandparents for an early lunch.

Diego (sounding a little alarmed): "Are we going to the Clown Store...?"
Mama: "Clown Store?  No, we're not...thank goodness."
Diego (still fixated on the freaky clown): "I don't want to go to the Clown Store!"
Mama: "Well that's good, because we aren't going there..."
Diego: "...I'm scared!"

Of course, aside from being endlessly funny, I was soundly pleased that my 5 year old isn't branded yet.  He will be eventually, I would think; it seems impossible to avoid it.  I give credit to not going there and minimal exposure to network television. 

But meanwhile, I'll enjoy the luxury.


Ashley said...

hahahahaha. I laughed out loud at this... and then I "awwwwwwww"ed. So cute.

It reminds me of my 16 yr old cousin who came home amazed that you could buy croutons in the store. His mama always made them for their family.

Dani said...

I love it! My kids are pretty sheltered...my little Ethan refers to McD's as 'Old McDonalds' and he gets thoroughly confused if you you just call it McDonalds. It secretly makes me happy as well that he's learned more from me and our singing and playing together...than some lousy commercial or freaky clown as Diego so profoundly put it. I think that guy is scary too...and the food, well that's just down-right horrifying! :)

Emily said...

Eleanor used to call it Old McDonald's too...and then...um we went there. Sorry but her mother is obsessed--short of a brief time when I was pregnant with Eleanor. :) tough habit to break.
Good job Diego. :) and shawna.

mimi said...

love it!