Wednesday, September 01, 2010

If you build it, they might come

Squeeze dug a little "pond" in our front garden this past spring. I say "pond" because it is really just an old plastic salt bucket for our former . . . water softener? Something like that.

It is approximately 3 feet deep and maybe 1.5 feet across. But a pond it is. With his usual finishing touches, my thoughtful Squeeze put in a goldfish, water lily, blue flag (an iris native to MN/WI) and a sprinkling of duck weed.

It is so cute.

While he was digging the hole and putting it in, Truen begged and begged for a frog to come and live in it. All Squeeze could say was the just maybe a frog might come. Just maybe it could.

And sure enough -- it has come. A nice, big leopard frog came and now lives in our mini aquatic ecosystem. He likes to sit in the water or surrounding rocks and ducks under lily pads when startled. Little Truby is so thrilled.

In the first picture, you can see both the frog and the fish; they were very excited about the swarms of flying ants that were falling in the water.

Our little ecosystem

This was the first time we saw the frog --
you should have seen Truen sneaking up to it, so carefully.
And yes, we do parade around in our undies
and mud boots, outside, all summer long.
That must be what Country Boys do?
(: Or maybe just Shawna's boys :)


Emily said...

beautiful pond. adorable undies.

Sarah Adams said...

Just found your blog--soul sistas!
I would like to follow you (have a blogspot too) but can't find it on your page--or mine for that matter.
Love it!

a. borealis said...

Soul-sistas . . . I love it. :)