Friday, August 27, 2010

What we've been up to

Siberian Sweet watermelon
Apricot flesh with lovely brown seeds --
sweet and delightfully chewy.
Best of all: from our garden
and Squeeze's favorite.

Cabbage destined to become sauerkraut
I eat about a quart a week --
for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Monarch butterfly, Monarch caterpillar
We raised four Monarchs from egg to butterfly this summer.
(see the empty chrysalis in the bottom left corner?)
Again, obsessed.

Diego has really gotten into his play-doh creations of late
And it all started with this intriguing landscape.
He also made a game called the "Coin Cake Game" --
He buries coins under marbles in
a mountain of play-doh,
which are buried under candles atop a layer of play-doh.
Find the silver coin and win!

Our neighbor Walentyne's gorgeous Concord grapes
Isn't that blue mesmerizing?
So tasty --
I ate them until they scorched the tip of my tongue.

"Bountiful Harvest"
Tomatoes: German Pink, Manyel, Cream Paste,
Black Plum, Mexico Midget, Green Sausage
Can you guess which is which?
6 quarts apple sauce
12 cups grape jam

1 comment:

ms said...

wow. wow! and WOW!!! i just peeked on your blog for the first time in weeks, looking for you tomato soup recipe for dins tonight!
i can't wait to share the treasure playdough game with jackson!! so fun diego!!