Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Remembering to be thankful, thank goodness

I am thankful for . . .
  • High-quality kitchen knives, which make everything easier
  • Recently perfecting split pea soup, then having the presence of mind to write it down ASAP
  • The dwarf lime tree that Squeeze bought this summer, which is blooming in our sunroom and emitting an ethereal scent
  • Squeeze, for the fact that while he is logical, he is also very in tune with beauty and "the little things", from sunsets and billowing clouds to making our flower gardens beautiful in both the summer and winter months -- I love that about him
  • For the memory of walking down the block from the bus after work on chill autumn nights in the pitch-black, seeing the globe Christmas lights that Squeeze hung from our balcony railing, which he always had lit for me (I keep on remembering that recently -- it must be the feel in the air)
  • Little boys who spontaneously tell me they love me with great, big hugs
  • Feeling like I finally mostly figured out this mothering thing -- probably in the fact that I have more of a sense of peace about it, knowing that it is a constant adaption vs. feeling rife with questions, wondering how to even do it
  • The coming winter
  • Daybooks
  • Blogs
  • Feeling like I've had enough to eat
  • The new green beaded bracelet my parents got me for my birthday this fall (the boys call it my "snake bracelet" because the lines of beads are inter-woven)
  • The color green, my favorite
  • Realizing that I need, then enforcing upon myself, structure -- things are calmer and cleaner when I stick to a regular routine (while it doesn't come "natural", I have found it can be "normalized" -- what a discovery!)
  • Figuring things out with a greater depth of maturity and understanding that comes with being 33 (and how much more at 44, 55, 66 . . . ?)
  • Area friends who are excited about my belly/baby/pregnancy.  It is so fun to be reminded that being pregnant is a special time -- it is easy to forget in the last couple of months.
  • The new babe, which, with how much movement and awake-time it spends bobbling around, I'm wondering if it might be a firecracker of continuous energy and enthusiasm.  ???


lil' mama said...

Good things to be thankful for. Thanks for the reminders. :)

ms said...

mmmmm, so good!