Monday, November 08, 2010

Wah, wah, wah, and then some

  • 33 weeks pregnant
  • I spent last week, in a nutshell, lying prostrate on the couch, totally done in from the previous weekend's labors.
  • Which was . . . butchering 25-ish chickens from 10:00 AM to 5:30-ish PM.  We still have 7 left to go.
  • Totally done in.  Destroyed.
  • I felt (feel) like a complete wimp, but it is hard to argue with a body that won't cooperate.  The next step was the total zap of all optimism and anything vaugely resembling get-up-and-go.  And wondering if it will ever end.
  • It was pure survival, that's it.
  • I have to remember that my body is being used for something else right now (growing a baby!) and while everyone else was sore, too, their ligaments and muscles are not being stretched like mine.
  • Still, hard to stomach.
  • Symptoms: PAIN.  First muscles and skeletal frame, them hips and ribs, then settling in my neck, shoulders, and head.  Combine this with the nasty, violent cough that is "going around", which left me crying, feeling like my frontal lobe was being stabbed.  Ugh.
  • I'm feeling better, though.  I have a chiropractic appointment for tomorrow, because something is definitely out of whack.
  • Meanwhile, life goes on . . .
  • Truen says, "She am" and "You am" and "I can't know".  He is so spontaneously affectionate, hugging me and giving me smooches while telling me he loves me, totally out of the blue.  His favorite game is "Mama Mouse & Baby Mouse" or "Mama Rabbit and Baby Rabbit" or "Mama Kitty and Baby Kitty".  So precious.
  • Diego is developing into such a helpful boy.  He has gladly taken on tasks like turning on the crab light every morning and is starting to remember to do after-meal clean-up without being reminded (and has always happily said, "Oh yes!" when I do remind him).  He'll gleefully say, "Dooooooo it!" when I tell him the name of the next chapter of the book.  He still wants to marry me; and the new baby, too, whom he insists is a girl.
  • Both boys want to name their new baby sister, "Pretty Girl".
  • Given the last 4 generations of Borealises, the chances of that are not very likely.  This generation has their one Borealis girl already.  Or could we break the pattern?!
  • Not very likely.
  • I peed my pants the other day in the midst of a violent cough.  I was on my way to the bathroom, taking a slight detour to drop something off in another room.
  • My last urine analysis at my pre-natal appointment indicated I'm not getting enough water.  Great.
  • I had my first thought of, "I have to be pregnant for two more months?!!" the night before last.
  • Wahhhhhhhhhh
  • etc.


BigK said...

are you homeschooling? just wondering. i think diego is of school age right?

a. borealis said...

Yep, we're going to homeschool, but I haven't started anything too official yet. Diego just turned 5 in July, so I am taking this year to prep, read, and gear up towards a fuller understanding of my philosophy and the practical handlings of what homeschooling will look like in our family.

I spend half my time utterly inspired, the other half feeling wondering how on earth I am actually going to pull it off. I'm sure I'll be fine, though. :)

What are you guys doing?

* IrwinSong * said...

Hey- I so enjoy reading your blog when I get a chance. Congrats on the New Little Treasure on the way! And homeschooling?! Awesome! :) I love every minute of homeschooling my kiddos. I saw you were reading some Charlotte Mason books earlier- she's phenomenal. I'm using some "Winter Promise" curriculum this year, the "Hideaways in History" program, and we are having a blast- it's a more 'Charlotte Mason based curriculum'. We also do a classical program called "Classical Conversations" - keeps us busy, but so much fun. Now I just need some land, a farm, some animals, and all your know-how, and I'll be living my dream!!! Sigh! Someday, I hope! :) Take care of yourself and get some rest, girl!! Blessings! Michelle

BigK said...

Good for you! Kier turned 5 in August and we started kindergarden this year at home. I will say its hard with 3 at different ages and different needs, but we seemed to have figured it out. Its nice to not have to send him away for 7 hours and to really be working on his character, which needs quite a bit these days! Congrats on the baby on the way, can't wait to hear your birth story!