Thursday, February 24, 2011


Squeeze has missed four days of work because of it. 

Truen had it too.

Truby described it as, "my eyes are being bladed" and "my bones and skin hurt".  The poor little guy.  Blaine said his descriptions are exactly what it feels like, as if his eyeballs were bruised and he'd been rolled over by a bulldozer. 

Sore joints, sensitivity to touch, sensitivity to light and sound, fever, chills, first you're hot and then you're cold, the cough, lack of appetite, etc.

Such a bummer. 

Truen had two bad days.  Lots of laying around and moaning, eating virtually nothing.  He took fluids without a problem, thank goodness.  He seems to be back to normal now -- eating normally and acting like himself.

Blaine feels a bit better today, feeling like he is starting to regain his strength; but that is after three days of laying on the couch totally incapacitated.  Ugh.  He's also had a hard time sleeping, on top of it all.  It has been terrible.

So I've been serving up a lot of hot tea, warm chicken stock, orange juice, and water.   Last night I cooked a salmon filet that really hit the spot with the old boys; it was just what they needed after days of not eating.

Jamie, Diego, and I seem to be in the clear.  One would think we would have gotten it by now . . . but who knows.  We are still acting as if Blaine and Truen have the plague.  I cannot imagine having a 7 week old with the flu.  I don't even want to think about it.  The horror.


Emily said...

ah sickness. I hate it. hate it. I remember when Truen was born and you would change shirts when you held Diego and Truen because Diego was sick. The things we do! :)

a. borealis said...

Yes! I've been thinking about that too. I was even washing my neck at that point. Ha.

Thankfully, the boys are a bit older and more independent this time around and they don't need me as much as Diego did then. I've still been changing my shirt with extreme regularity though! Uff.