Sunday, November 20, 2011

It's been awhile

Oy.  Time flies.  Especially with my three bouncing boys.

Since my last post, Schtinky has started walking with purpose and intention.  He is now using it as his main mode of transportation.  Wow.  Amazing.  Especially since I feel like he should still be a sleepy newborn; but instead is he catapulting towards toddlerhood, and fast.

He's so cute, like a little drunk Franken-baby.  He can pivot in mid-stride and just this week he walked right over the vacuum hose without missing a beat.  Un-un-un-un.  He is obsessed with the stairs, climbing in general, and stray banana peels.

Meanwhile, Diego is obsessed with dalmatian dogs, specifically Pongo and Purdy and all the pups of Disney's 101 Dalmatians.  He is also pining for fish.  Fish, fish, fish!  "Alice, I like fish," he has said to the lady at the front desk at our library.  His two goldfish are not enough, he wants more.  His two goldfish, incidentally, were named by Truen and are called Orangey and Goldy.

Truen is intrigued by our dwarf orange and lime trees, snow and winter, pollination, and his "fruit book". Sound like anyone familiar? His daddy, I wonder...? He still needs to nap every day and is officially wearing 3T now that he is four years old. I love his little chipmunk smile and the way he says "I want a snee-ack, Mama".

Blaine and I are simmering down into late fall/early winter.  There isn't as much work to do, which is a blessed relief, but we've found that we both feel like we don't know what to do with ourselves. 

It is a strange sensation to not feel the pressure of "what needs to be done next".  Sure, there is still plenty of work to do, especially catching up on basic indoor maintenance, deep cleaning, organization and the like.  But it isn't with that same pressing urgency.  It is quite refreshing, though we are a little restless. 

I am hoping to melt into a relaxing, snowy winter.  It already feels so nice....

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