Friday, November 04, 2011

Zee boys

 Diego has had a lot of fun setting up his "shop" this fall.
He organizes the vegetables so beautifully, doesn't he??
He has even "sold" several items to his Gramma --
And as you can imagine, it pleases him endlessly.

 Truby is a sweater guy this fall.
He wears them almost every day . . . so cute.
He also has a rotating collection of small stuffed animals
that he totes around and lavishes affection on.
I can't remember this one's name, but
his other two favorites are "Honey" and "Berry".
Talk about meltin' a mama's heart. ♥

Oh Schtinky.
I love your fat little ankles. I love your little tippy-toes.
He was very interested in the bark of this tree.
Which reminds me.
I found a CATERPILLAR in his poop last week.
The second worst thing I've ever found in baby poop.
The worst thing ever?
A watch battery.  Last month. 


Eric said...

Are you kidding me? a caterpillar...a watch battery? I try to get RID of a dirty diaper immediately or our whole house smells like a dump. :) I love it. love the pictures love the learning. love it.

lil' mama said...