Thursday, December 22, 2011


I am so very pleased.  I just wrote a rockin' LTE rough draft, representing the Library Board and Friends of the Library here in our little town.  We are close . . . so close . . . to actually breaking ground and expanding at our current location.

We have been two years in process, working and working and working towards a larger space.  There have been city council, library board, joint committee, and public meetings galore to work through all the minutiae of such a big step for a little town.  It has been very exciting at times.  And a little tedious. 

However . . . we have one last hurdle coming in a few weeks, a public forum to give space to the naysayers (though honestly, they've had two years' worth of meetings to have spoken).  But no matter.  We will come through in a blaze of glory, I have no doubt.

All the facts and numbers and emotion is weighted on our side.  It just a matter of holding ground, giving a well-researched presentation and rebuttal to any pooh-pooh.  My specialty.  I should also note that our town has been gifted a new librarian whose organizational skills and professional experience has catapulted our library onto an entirely new level.  She absolutely rulz. 

There is a light at the end of the tunnel....


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