Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Olson Extravaganza

Posting a little sooner than last year . . .
My parents & sister left yesterday after a two-week visit.
We spent a week at our place and a week in the Twin Cities.
Lots of time with my sibs, grandparents, great-grands,
and a menagerie of extended Olsons.
'Twas good.

 The usual with Unky Erik

 The extended Olsons --
We had many a night like this.

Laid out flat at the beach --
three days without a nap'll do this to yeh.

My youngest sibs --
Snacking on homemade hummus
after splashing around with the nephews in the lake.

 Watching the koi at Como Park

Examining the fountain coins with Unky Andrew

 Blasting Grandma with the bubble gun --
She's the one that bought it for them! :)

Unky Jayna outright laughing --
Jamie's face was smooshed beyond belief in that mask.

Uncle Andrew & Auntie Brenda --
Keepin' it real with the kiddos.

Playing Go Fish with Grandpa & Great-Grandma

My lovely grandparents
"Up at the cabin"

The boys with their great-grands
and the friendly neighborhood kitty.

The last-minute goodbye photo 

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Ashley said...

I l.o.v.e.d. seeing these. And I very much wish I could have been there!