Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Two boxes of babies

 This past weekend, we brought home --
7 chicks, 3 ducklings, 2 goslings
The sweetest little babies ever.
The goslings are Dicky and Benjamin,
The ducklings are Ricka, Dicka, and Flicka.
Please excuse the red lighting: it's from the heat lamps.

 This is our first year getting ducklings or goslings --
They are much bigger than the chicks, less delicate,
and significantly more friendly and curious.
Perfect for eager little hands.
Why haven't we done this before??

 The ducklings and goslings are in the left box.
The chicks are in the right box --
The chickies hide under the comfort of the sheet while we are around,
but it doesn't matter because all of the attention
is funneled on the other five, always eager for interaction.
What a relief!  I don't have to hover hardly at all.
Though the older two are very good at careful handling by this age.

Due to the cold temps (in the upper 20's / lower 30's F),
and my pregnant body (35 weeks and rolling),
we are keeping them in the root cellar this year.
It is working out beautifully: easy to care for, easy to visit.
We are really, really enjoying them and
hope that the geese stay friendly over the summer.
They are so sweet right now, but I've heard horror stories.

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