Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Visiting Grandma & Grandpa

 The little stream on the west side of my parents' property --
The boys have been in seventh heaven exploring it,
building little dams, stomping in it, floating things down it, etc.
It has already gone down a bit since we've been here:
Two weeks gone, one week to go.

 Looking for potato bugs with Grandma --
To feed the "schickens".

 Candy Land with Grandpa --
He is also reading them 'The Magician's Nephew' at bedtime.

 Candy Land with Andrenda --
They've been out every weekend.
It has been a wrestle-fest with Uncle Andrew,
which all three boys totally eat up.

 Lots n' lots n' lots of bugs --
Diego had been scheming for weeks.

 Admiring the horse --
Jamie looks exactly like my mom did at this age in this picture.

 Jamie was so, so very proud of his slug.

Easter eggs with Grandma and Auntie Uncle Jayna --
with the very same craft table-covering we used as kids.

They even went on an Easter basket hunt --
They usually get the contents
of their basket in the mail vs. in person.
Very fun for both G&G as well as the boy-ohs.

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