Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Bon voyage

One thing I've really noticed with this pregnancy is how refreshing a good night's sleep is for the body.  It is transformative.  By the time I go to bed each night, I am dragging.  This sounds so dramatic, but it honestly feels like my body is in shambles . . . I honestly don't have the capacity for much more.  But when I wake up the next morning I feel refreshed and rested, like myself again.

With that in mind, the boys and I are flying out of Minneapolis this evening.  Our flight leaves at 9:50 PM and we arrive in Seattle at 11:00-ish PM (1:00-ish AM CST).  This will be after a 3.5 hour drive to the Twin Cities this morning.  I really wonder how it will be for me by the time I drag myself into bed (after potentially wrestling the boys into bed) in the wee hours of the morning.  Oy.

We are headed to my parents' house for the next three weeks.  I am really looking forward to enjoying the beautiful spring: budding trees, blooming flowers, the lush, green grass.  Sweater weather.  And being caressed by the fresh, cool, damp air.  Dreamy.  Waking up to zero degrees F this morning, that seems like a distant reality, but a reality which will be mine tomorrow morning.

Much love to all.


Eric said...

lucky, lucky, lucky you. enjoy Shawna. you deserve it.

cloves corner said...

Dang, enjoy the weather!