Saturday, March 09, 2013

Library expansion

This is a long overdue update.  The last time I posted on our library expansion project was December 2011, when our little town was still in the final thrust of moving toward the goal of acceptance and commitment by the townspeople and city council.

So much has happened since.

The synopsis for 2012 is as follows: the project was approved by the city council, our Friends' group donated $4,000 to the library board towards the purchase of the empty lot next to the library (the total price was something like $6,500 . . . can you believe it??), the library board approved the architect's new layout, a contractor was hired, remodeling/expansion begun in the fall, and the library was closed for 3.5 months during renovation.

Our newly expanded library re-opened in mid-January.  It is amazing.  It finally looks like a real library.  There are comfortable spaces for browsing and quiet reading.  Instead of feelings of claustrophobia, there is an aura of quiet pleasantness.

The following three pictures show the library BEFORE.  This, and I kid you not, was the library in its entirety.

Squished.  Unpleasant.  No space for activities.  No solitude.

Here's what it looks like now, AFTER expansion --

Not only is it a more pleasant space for quiet reading and browsing, but there is an amazing amount of potential for expansion and growth.  Public meeting space.  Room for activities and events.  Room for more books and bookshelves as the collection grows.  No more sidling sideways through the stacks to get by someone.  Airy. Light. Attractive.  It pleases me endlessly.

Isn't it just awesome??


lil' mama said...

It is awesome Shawna! Nice job.

Eric said...

Love it! 6,500--amazing. ;) Great advocacy!