Friday, March 15, 2013

The fellas' main obsessions these days

Diego and his bug terrarium.
This collection includes: flies, spiders, asian beetles & box elder bugs
He puts in wet cottonballs for them to drink from,
but doesn't refrain from imposing the predator/prey dynamic.
He spends a lot of his day hovering over it,
adding to the collection and wondering how soon the spiders will eat.
I thrifted this 5-gallon tank and terrarium cover last fall --
I knew it would get heavy-duty use, but already??
We still have a thick snow cover!

Truen and one of his many "houses".
Trubies is MEGA into building fort-building this winter.
He hung a towel from an open oven door on this one,
clipping and pinning an extra blanket and scarf to create a wall.
The drawer and open cupboard form the back wall --
and the little thing you see hanging from it?
That's his "animal skin".
Truen and Diego are wearing their "twin" shirts --
It rarely works out that they wear them at the same time,
but somehow it worked out in these pictures, taken on different days.

Jamie: participating in or pilfering whatever his brudders are doing.
In this case, he is happily posing in front one of Truen's paintings.
He was also heavily involved in Truen's little "house" in the picture above --
I had to make him a separate fort to ensure he didn't wreck it.
He also hauls the footstool over to Diego's bug terrarium,
squealing, watching, attempting to break in, etc.
Other hobbies include
Lego destruction, crayon-eating, and scissor stealing.
Doesn't he look just adorable in his undies?
What a little fella ♥

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