Monday, July 29, 2013

Our other baby, the furry one

 Introducing our newest little darling:
Polly Sparkle
Blaine and Diego made a kitten house for her together,
after Diego's idealistic solo attempt
went up in a puff of smoke (AKA 'reality') and tears.
As you can see, she actually uses it.

 Diego and Polly are the sweetest of friends.
She mews piteously for him at the back door when he's inside
and he carries her around like his own little baby.
They wrestle a lot too (kitten vs. hand).

 "She's already grown so much", but seriously, she has.
Babies are babies, no matter what kind.  It is amazing.
She really is "the perfect kitten".
She's playful, affectionate, friendly and likes to snuggle.
What more could a kid want?

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