Monday, July 08, 2013


It is a beautiful summer day.  "A ten," as Blaine's mom would say.  Gorgeous.

We have 15 acres to explore.  We have ducks, geese, chickens; a sandbox, swing set, kiddie pool; the perfect climbing tree; butterfly nets, their "tipi house" fort in the trees, lots of space to run, and a little baby kitten that showed up to live with us last week.

And I just had to tell them to go outside and play.  That they wouldn't be coming back inside until lunch.  That there was no choice, they would absolutely be going outside.  For a good, long time.  Un-un-un-un.

Though I will say . . .

Right in the middle of writing this, the baby kitten came into the house while they had the back door open, finally giving us an enclosed space to get a hold of it.  I held it in a towel and caressed its head until it relaxed and then we all petted it quietly until it started purring.

Now they are parading around the yard with their new little kitten friend.  Formerly known as Benjamin Sparkle, newly renamed Polly Sparkle.

All it took was a little jump-starting.

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