Friday, January 22, 2016

Two and a half

Eliah says
  • "Shishy papo" not "fishy papo" [papo = pacifier]
  • "DungeBob" not "SpongeBob"
  • "Dushbrish" not "toothbrush"
  • "Bana chips" not "Banana chips"
  • "Sell this?" instead of "Can we buy this?"
  • Adds "butt hole" into all teases and jokes
  • Asks for me to sing "Hump-Dumpy-Dumpy"

Funny quotes
:: "You a lady, Mama" (fingering my ponytail)

:: "Me buy this one ship! Twenty Dollars." (Diego's Lego X-wing Fighter)

:: "No way hoo-zay" and "No fanks hoo-zay"

:: "Get outta here, butt - head." (to get a laugh) (always)

:: "Pumperdoll is, Pumperdoll is, Pumperdoll is" (his song) (inspired by Blaine's nickname for him) ("Pumperdoll" and often just "Pump" or "Doll")

:: "One . . . two . . . butt hole . . . three . . . butt hole . . . butt hole . . . butt hole" (counting to ten with me) (goodness) (there's obviously a lot of potty talk in a houseful of boys)

:: "So many yucky things" (surveying Gramma S.'s beautifully set Christmas spread)


Ashley said...

I love that boy.

Lovely Rita said...

His funny quotes made me laugh out loud. Love it.