Monday, May 29, 2006

Learning to be Thankful

There are a few things about where we live that I thought I could never appreciate.

To start off, we live in Minneapolis: the South Side, fairly close to the airport. Our house is situated on a busy street; we don't have the pleasure of a tree-lined boulevard. In addition, we live right on a bus line, so we get to listen to the buses roar by every 20-30 minutes. We also live across the street from an apartment: never good, because of the high turnover rate for renters.

It is our first house, the 1920's bungalow that is so prevalent in South Minneapolis: one and a half stories, cute, with cedar shakes, and a yard that we've been able to beautify with Squeeze's intense interest in gardening. We've learned a lot about what we're looking for in our next house. Requirements include: a quiet street, mature trees, an enclosed front porch (which we have now), and a lot of big windows.

But for now, let's move to my list of Things in Which I've Found Good (that I didn't realize existed before 7.30.05):

  • First and foremost, living on a busy street. I've disliked that immensely - it gets stressful to have large numbers of cars streaming by, often speeding towards the inevitable red light. But Baby Cake, that is - Starbeans, loves it. He finds great pleasure in staring at the loud boxes on wheels that ha-rumph down the street in front of our house. Because he likes it, I like it (or, at least a little bit).
  • Secondly, living on a bus line. Again, Baby Cake loves to stare at the even louder, even larger, giant boxes on wheels braowowow-ing down the street. Loves it. He will crank his entire body around just to see it. Because he likes it, I like it (or, at least a little bit).
  • Finally, living near an International Airport. Our little darling munchkin loves to stare up into the sky to see the large, long tubes with wings kwaowaowaow-ing their way to and from the airport. He'll stop what he's doing and stare with an open mouth, just to see it. Because he likes it, I like it (or, at least a little bit).

And for Squeeze and me, we at least get to watch all the hub-bub and drama happening over at The Apartment. As intrusive as it can be, it is also very entertaining. The old bag who says, "Hurry up - you're walking too slow!" to her meandering husband. The extended Somali family coming and going, speaking their guttural language (the only word I understand is Hooyo - Mother), and the women with their beautiful, flowing scarves. Mixed in, for a dash of excitement, a loud domestic brawl now and then. Oh yes, we've seen it - and we've certainly heard it. We actually have a pretty good group of people in there right now: families and working people, all fairly quiet. Yes, The Apartment has seen worse days.

I like the way it feels to find good in things that I don't like. It makes me feel less stressed, more optimistic, and appreciative of what we have. When the time comes for change, I'll gladly welcome it; but for now, I'm content where we are.

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