Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Bizarre Behavior

Our new neighbors seem to be fairly thoughtless.

Our list of grievances:

  • Their dog (or friends' dogs) get left out in the yard while they are gone. They bark, and bark, and bark, and bark.
  • While they were painting their house, with a sprayer, on a windy day, the paint flew all over our car. And the side of our house. This, I can forgive a little more readily, as perhaps they did not realize what was happening. The paint, because of its mist-like consistency, rubs off - thankfully.

and the kicker:

  • Their friend just came and parked in our driveway (it's the only one on the block). Its tail is in the street, the mid-section in the sidewalk, and worst of all, it is boxing our car in. We are trapped! No - worst of all, they all left for the night (with the car still in the drive).

1 comment:

Two Write Hands said...

Oh my gosh. These people sound like our neighbors who moved away several months ago. Can't say how many time we complained to them about trapping us in!