Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Oh, the weather

I read a comment posted on a blog yesterday that got me thinking. The commenter said, "We have nice weather year-round because we live in California". Nice weather. Year-round.

What does that mean?

Television weathermen seem to be obsessed with it. At this time of year, it is the elusive 50-60 degree day: clear skies, a light breeze, warm in the sunshine.

But what about Midwestern thunderstorms? Or drizzly spring days in the Pacific Northwest? How about a bitterly cold, bright snowy day in the middle of January? I love these days - I love that weather. Sure: "nice" days are pleasant enough, but don't we want a little variety to spice it up and keep things interesting?

Speaking of television news anchors, they seem peppy about the weather only when it will be warmer than usual in the fall/winter/spring, or cooler than usual in the summer; at least, in Minnesota. Then they can yuk it up with their cohorts, helmet hair and baubled necklaces in place, and talk about how the weather is going to be so lovely.

So nice.

Maybe I just shouldn't watch the news. But unfortunately for me, Squeeze is a television weatherman junkie.


Jenni said...

That is really funny, we don't have tv so we miss out on all those great "negatives" ;) we hear all the really important gossip from my in-laws, like, my sister lives in Hawaii and there was a huge earthquake there!

I totally agree about crazy weather, I love it! Today it was really windy here and it just makes me feel frisky :)

Jenni said...

By the way, we bought three of those babyology covers (one for each of the kids) and we really like them! The boys are always wetting through their diapers and they are stinky and wet when they wake up so these are really great for preventing that, and they dry fast and don't smell just like you said, thanks for the recomendation!

purple_kangaroo said...

I love the weather in the Pacific Northwest . . . it's always changing, but never stays really severe in any one direction for long.