Sunday, May 13, 2007

Fashion [that doesn't make] Sense

I can't wait until the current fashion of HUGE t-shirts and ENORMOUS pants and shorts dissipates. The teenage boys in our area look so silly. They can barely walk, with their pants clinging to their upper thighs -- they waddle like ducks, constantly clutch at their belts, and continuously attempt to keep their pants from plain-old falling to the ground. It is downright absurd. Will they ever look back at themselves, like many have been known to do, and say, "I wore that??"

An interesting side note on that last question: It seems that the people who are the most whooped up about keeping with the fashions are the ones who say it with the most fervor. I wore that?? As you might imagine, I do not fall in that category...I just don't have the energy or interest to participate. Just let me be warm, comfortable, and moderately attractive.

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