Thursday, September 13, 2007

Narrowed focus

I have some major baby brains going on over here. I'm having a hard time focusing on any task other than day-to-day survival that isn't baby-related. If it isn't somehow connected with the babe, I either completely forget about it or dread doing it. Even the day-to-day tasks can get put on the back-burner. Like today when I boiled the milk for yogurt, then forgot that the oven was on once it was actually in there and killed the culture at decidedly hot 250 degrees. Dah! Or this morning, when I over-salted the scrambled eggs, or yesterday, when I left the stove-top on while I was simply drying out the cast iron skillet. Crap.

I've found that I am doing a lot of planning, organizing, and getting my mind ready: constantly going over the changes I expect and grappling with what I'm not sure to do about. Co-sleeping falls into this category. How am I going to make room for a toddler and a newborn and do it safely? I don't even have anyone to ask -- I don't know anyone else personally who co-sleeps. How will naptime(s) work? What will Starbeans think of the new babe? How will I share myself with two? When will I sleep?

I have also:
  • Bought fabric for the new wrap I plan to use. I want to be able to be completely hands-free, able to focus on Starbeans and/or work while holding the new babe almost 100% of the time. The Maya Wrap does not afford that luxury - too much weight is on one shoulder and I usually felt like I needed to have a hand on his back or head when I was carrying him. With the wrap I plan to use, I can do both front and back carries with the weight evenly distributed on both of my shoulders. I do plan to keep the Maya Wrap around, though.
  • Almost finished the boppy I made (I just need to sew the final seam shut). I want to nurse a newborn comfortably this time, without the assistance of 2-3 pillows. It should also be helpful when he/she is learning how to sit.
  • Bought the diapering accessories I needed for the second baby through Green Mountain Diapers -- 2 water-proof changing pads, another water-proof tote, and 2 more wool diaper covers in the next size up (XL) for Starbeans' Night Diaper. I went with Aristocrats this time: they are more expensive, but they are Made in Canada, not Made in China. I can definitely tell the difference in quality and fineness of product. Plus, their XL fits 30-50 pounds, while the Babyology XL fits 28-35 pounds. I still need to get a few more Snappis, and 2 extra Bummi Super Whisper Wraps in each size -- I think 8 will be more manageable than 6. [Sometimes it is a juggling act to make sure there are enough clean diaper covers in between washes with only 6.]
But the changes within the last week are physical too -- I'm more clumsy, not sleeping well (too uncomfortable), and feel exhausted by the end of the day. I would say my pregnancy has been almost unnoticeable until recently. I've been able to move spontaneously, sleep well, pick Starbeans up like normal, and generally forget my status. Until now.

Yesterday was 34 weeks.

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Vendel Family said...

I must say Shawna, the bobby has been a life saver! I use it all the time and not just when I'm nursing Jackson. It's great to use when he's lying on my chest; I use it as elbow supports. It's just also nice to have support when holding the newborn. You have to handle them with such care that you almost overextend yourself or your muscles! I am so excited to see pics of the newest arrival when he/she comes!