Wednesday, November 19, 2008


I have only enough time to say that the Friends of the Library meeting went very well. We had a smaller turn-out than expected, but those who showed up (about 12) were extremely enthusiastic. They were also very pleased with the tea. Evening in Missoula was a smash hit.

I will write more later, but for now: survival. I have to take a show-pow [pronounce "shaow-pow"] while the boys are entangled with their father. Cleanliness is next to godliness.

What lovely man calls taking a shower a "show-pow"?


Emily said...

Duh. Ryan right? ;) I recognized that as my husband also says it sometimes. :) Glad the meeting went ALWAYS feels good to be involved in something you care about with other people who care about it. I'm impressed. Who is planning our CO trip?

a. borealis said...

The one and only! Uncle Ry, as I like to call him now.

Kate said...

Evening in Missoula is one of my favorite teas! Congrats on your success thus far with the initiative you've taken with the library group!

PS. A man from Lake Benton called into MPR today during midmorning and I thought of you.