Wednesday, November 05, 2008

A favorite children's poem (I love the 4th stanza the most)

Hide and Seek

A.B. Shiffrin

When I am alone,
and quite alone,
I play a game,
and it's all my own.

I hide myself
Behind myself,
And then I try
To find myself.

I hide in the closet,
Where no one can see;
Then I start looking
Around for me.

I hide myself
And look for myself;
There once was a shadow
I took for myself.

I hide in a corner;
I hide in the bed;
And when I come near me
I pull in my head!

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Sandy said...

Cheeseball alert: I gave you an award. Not to worry though, I gave you an out. =) You can go to LCCK to collect your award. (or better yet, just make sure you enter to win a pair of earrings!) -Sandy