Monday, November 03, 2008


Because I love lists:

  • The two injured pullets in the hospital-box in our garage died - that means we have one survivor from our dog attack. His left wing is a little lower than the right one, but other than that he seems to be back to normal.
  • The chickens seemed to have gained a bit of wisdom since the dog attack and spend a lot of their time under trees and near cover. They are only teenagers, after all - and before the attack they ran wild in the wide-open as if they were, as my dad likes to say, 6 feet tall and bullet-proof. No more.
  • Two good friends from college were here for the weekend: lovely. We canned 8 quarts of applesauce, ate good food, danced, talked & laughed, and the domestic diva Lyndi made an attempt to quell bread-making fears for Jen and me. The loaf she made was delicious.
  • Diego got his eye pecked for the second time by a chicken this past weekend. Squeeze subsequently made the executive decision that Diego is never holding a chicken again for the rest of his life. It healed within 24 hours, but seeing the corneal abrasion right over his pupil was enough to make any parents writhe in pity and fear.
  • I met up with our little library's librarian "in town" over the weekend (while showing Lyndi and Jen around), which sparked the conversation that led to the budding formation of a Friends of the Library group. Our first meeting is November 18th and she has suggested that I take the role as president. Gung-ho, here I go!!
  • It is supposed to snow this weekend, but the past couple of days have been in the 50's and 60's - I have been taking advantage of the warmth by washing everything-I-can and hanging it out on the line to dry. Lovely.
  • Diego and Truen are playing together more and more - Diego likes to copy Truen's baby antics and they crawl together all over the house and up the stairs making baby whoops and shrieks. And they laugh and laugh and laugh together during lunch. It makes me excited about their future as friends.
  • Squeeze has been reading us Fairy Tales at night, and I must say - I really enjoy being read to. I love being on the receiving end of a story. And his old woman voices make me chortle.

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Emily said...

I think you will make an excellent president of Friends of the Library. Keep us updated with books you make a priority. And I would love to hear the fairy tales at night. :)