Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The bill was killed

It is back to the drawing board for South Dakota. The legislators voted 32-to-33 to not "strike the not" from the Health and Human Services committee's decision of "Do not pass". It needed 36 votes to pass. In addition to few legislators being off the floor that day, there were four legislators who had committed to "striking the not" who didn't follow through.

So here begins another year for South Dakota without legal access to Certified Professional Midwives. The movement is growing stronger with each passing year, and the South Dakota legislators are going to be dealing with many people where feelings of injustice and outrage will start morphing into RAGE itself. Especially for those in their childbearing years for whom the opportunity of having their homebirth will be gone by the time it becomes legal. They have to know that this is not an issue that The People are going to back down on... Don't they?

Onward and forward.

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