Wednesday, February 04, 2009

I'm a Friend of libraries and sustainability

I cut my thumb with a knife last night so badly that it took 3-4 hours to stop the bleeding, with my arm in a sling and my thumb pressed against ice the entire time. Amazing. [I sliced into the top of my thumb, which is why it bled so profusely.] I was cutting up a tangelo. Bummer.

But...I'm all bandaged up and okay, though still a little bloody.

Remember all my groaning about our little town's public library? [I'm not going to link to it because I've wondered if my complaints were too snarky - but if you're really curious, they are all filed under "Rural Life".] And remember how I participated in starting, then became the president of, our local Friends of the Library group? Yes, well.

Our first official fundraiser is in week and a half: we are having a Sunday-noon Valentine Spaghetti Meal. My role will be as "Kitchen Helper", where I will be dishing up plates of food with gloves on and my hair tied back. It should be very interesting. The main cook said to expect 200 people! We are having a selection of Dazzling Desserts to lure the after-church crowds - and hope to have a small booksale on the side.

An interesting sidenote: at my insistence, we are serving the meal on ceramic dinnerplates with metal cutlery. Not only will it cost less - in the fact that we don't have to buy the supplies OR pay to throw them away - but I also am very serious about promoting a culture and atmosphere of sustainability vs. the seemingly-unquestioned current disposable culture. How will people know it is feasible if it NEVER happens? All the charitable meals "in town" use disposable table-settings, so this is really bucking the standard.

My plan has been met with everything from raised eyebrows to an exclamation of "You have GOT to be kidding me!!" Seriously. Nobody does it, so everyone thinks it is totally looney. I decided that I am going to be the Kitchen Helper to take the brunt of the dishwashing and not allow any room for complaints. (Not that I know that people will complain.) I don't mind washing dishes! And furthermore, at family gatherings I have actually discovered the JOY of washing dishes together. It can be a such a pleasure working together. This seems to be another sad victim of our culture's obsession with working less and "enjoying life more". There is great satisfaction of a job well-done, not to mention pleasure the actual act of "working". Why do we believe the contrary?

It will be interesting to see if we get any comments.


Ashley said...

Work it sister!

Sandy said...

You go girl! Good for you. I am still working on my distaste for dishes, it's something about the sloppy sticky mess (rubber gloves do help, silly eh?) It is on my list of 25 things -- that i've been putting off for weeks, but you've inspired me as usual. "Alright fine, I'll do it." Thankfully I have a willing husband who cleans up after me. Awwww, love the guy.

Sandy said...

ps - we want pictures of the event -- and you in the hairnet, bein' green.

Eric said...

When I was a kid and in boy scouts we used to have to wash dishes, bus tables for events like this in my community. It is a great way to get the younger gen involved not to mention lighten the work load for the people putting it on. As a side benefit, it being a community event, it represents the community.

And a Shawna can teach the next generation of organizers/library friends/fundraisers that ceramic plates and metal silver ware is possible. :)


ms said...

love it! love that you are so gung ho about this, love that you are taking a big step for something fantastic!
our church community is a pretty eco aware group, but last year we insisted on using real dishes for the annual easter brunch and it went really well. one more way for people to gather together. awesome!

and, i cut off the top of MY finger this week too! that totally sucks!!