Friday, January 30, 2009

I imn't nuts

I had some major cabin fever last year - Sandy of LCCK recommended Vitamin D (as did my mother). Because of their advice, I decided to do a pre-emptive strike and have been taking a Vitamin D supplement sporadically and Cod Liver Oil everyday (CLO has vitamins A & D, and is high in omega 3's) throughout the year. Squeeze won't touch the CLO, but takes the vit. D every day. Good boy. So while I know it is only January, the weather has been -10 to -20 for the last month and because of that, we've been plenty cooped -- and I just wanted to do a little check-in and say: I'm feeling GREAT! Seriously - very optimistic, and even enjoying the endlessly snowy days. Especially the bright and sunshine-y snowy days.

The reason I brought this up is because a couple of people within the last week have inquired if I was going totally nuts, which I hadn't been thinking about at all. Not noticing that we are cooped has led me to the conclusion that I am feeling very balanced this winter, and that feels very good. In fact, I've been downright snug and happy. I think I have my Cod Liver Oil to thank. I give it to the boys as well - they clambor over each other to get their spoonful and beg for more. (We take the mint-flavored kind, which isn't very minty at all - it is actually almost a non-flavor, if that is possible.)

We have also noticed that our family has been a lot healthier this winter - any sickness we have had has been mild and fleeting, which was NOT the case last year during the cold/flu season. I've wondered if Cod Liver Oil has something to do with our total well-being. The only other difference is the eggs we are eating: our own chickens vs. store-bought. [And...I suppose I am soaking all of our grains vs. none at all. They do say that overall health lies within our gut.]

And finally, the "imn't" in this post title is a shout-out to my dear Diego, who invented the word and uses it regularly.


Sandy said...

Glad the vitamin D & CLO is keeping you cheery! My knee jerk reaction to the thought of CLO is the same as your husband's ... but maybe I need to try it! Gulp.

icecubes said...

I have heard that vit D can do wonders for mental and immune system health in the winter too. I have finally started a blog!! It is Yeah!

ms said...

awesome!!! i am with you there!! i started taking clo after J was born and noticed it help the PPD. now we all take it as daily as we remember. J loves his strawberry flavored vits, and i have found Carlson's lemon flavor exceeds my previous favorite, Nordic Naturals citrus. my first clue that i have forgotten to take it? short temper with a three-year-old. then we all take a break and take our clo!!
glad to hear it is helping you too!!